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A recommendation to excavate can be made following a CCTV Survey being carried out previously on the drainage system, or following a site inspection conducted by an LDF Surveyor.

Repairs to below ground drainage are a specialist job. Should a section of pipework be found damaged beyond repair, our Technicians can locate the fault, excavate down onto the pipework and cut away damaged sections, connecting the new installation onto the existing drainage system.

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Water main and sewage drain repairs

When a damaged drain requires excavation and repairs, the cost and duration of work can vary enormously depending on a number of factors that include the impact on the surrounding area and required equipment. Once instructed, we will assess the drainage situation, identify the drainage problem and then ensure the most appropriate action is taken in the shortest time possible – and with minimum disruption to the area and environment.


Blockages and drainage installations

Our trained Technicians can remove and replace any damaged drainage with new pipework and can also remove and replace drain covers including manhole covers and rodding eye points. Should a section of pipework be found damaged beyond repair, our Technicians can locate the fault, excavate down onto the pipework and cut away damaged sections, attaching the new installation onto the existing pipework.


New chambers

A key area where access may be a problem is Inspection Chambers (Manholes). Often, these are covered over or completely sealed down meaning you can no longer access the drains on your property. Our skilled Technicians can not only locate and expose such hidden chambers but also excavate and construct entire new chambers to provide another access point to your drainage system. Our Technicians are also able to carry out a completely new install of pipework to your specifications, connecting entire new sections of drainage onto an existing system.


Pump pits and blockages

Where old or badly damaged drains are beyond simple repairs, digging down to the drain may be the only option. This means taking careful account of other services which could be damaged in the process so we will always conduct a thorough pre excavation assessment to make sure the planned repair will be as efficient and cost effective as possible. This plan will also include details of how the area will be made good following the excavation, where like for like reinstatement is always our goal to ensure the site is left as good as new. 


Our Most Popular Services

A full range of exterior cleaning services


Professional petrol forecourt cleaning



Professional graffiti removal



Professional post-construction steam cleaning

Professional drain jetting and unblocking services.


"Grit Ninja are the only team we use for all of our post-construction cleans. As soon as we leave site they bring their team in with professional kit and have our sites looking like brand new in no time"

We use only the best professional equipment...

Grit Ninja

At Grit Ninja we are confident that we will deliver you the ‘ultimate in cleaning’ of your commercial surfaces and Drainage, and have invested heavily in the best professional pressure washing equipment. Our van mounted systems deliver unbelievable performance and will remove the toughest of stains from any surfaces or any blockages from drains.

Check out the spec of our equipment below and compare it to the inferior and outdated equipment that many of our competitors are using.

ENGINE      Honda GX630.


 PUMP        3000PSI

FLOW       31 Litres Per Minute

Our Equipment
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Grit Ninja

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