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Forecourt Cleaning

Grit Ninja

We provide specialist petrol station forecourt cleaning and provides such services for many of the leading petrol retail companies including BP, Shell and ASDA. Our state of the art equipment will easily remove year’s worth of accumulated oil and grime, not to mention customers carelessly discarded chewing gum which showcases a professional image to your clients.

Cleaning is the simplest and least costly method of improving the image of your site and an important health and safety investment. Offering Nationwide coverage with S.P.A. qualified technicians.


Sign written vehicles are custom designed with bespoke power washing equipment. Cleaning programmes can be tailor made to client specification or chosen from our recommended packages.

Having your forecourt cleansed as part of regular maintenance schedule will improve its appearance, but we also understand that it’s important for your forecourt to comply with current environmental standards.


We therefore work to Pollution Prevention Guidelines. A pollution incident such as a spill on your forecourt can not only harm the environment but can result in fines and bad press; we reduce this risk by effectively maintaining your drainage equipment to minimise overflows, blockages and spills.


Should an incident occur, our team are on hand to assist you at all times, day and night. In addition, our operatives are trained to work to the most stringent health and safety standards.

Our Guarantee

Total client satisfaction is the core value of our Company. At every opportunity we seek to provide you with the highest levels of service and satisfaction. This is most true with our team of talented cleaners but extends equally to include our very friendly administration staff.

We guarantee to:

  • get to know our clients, recognise them as individuals and seek to anticipate their needs.

  • communicate regularly with clients and welcome their feedback.

  • have a team of experienced, service orientated staff and reward their efforts with recognition and appreciation.

Our Philosophy

The Grit Ninja philosophy is distinguished by the service you will receive. To support it we continually strive to demonstrate three key attributes:

  1. Quality

  2. Reliability

  3. Expertise