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Drains Unblocked Now in Basildon

Grit Ninja

Sometimes, mechanical rods are not enough to remove stubborn blockages from drains. It might be that grease or food debris has built up and solidified in the drain, or that foreign objects like paper towels, sanitary products or even items like children’s toys have somehow found their way into the system and caused a blockage.


Whatever the issue, high-pressure drain jetting is a powerful solution for blasting obstructions from drains of all sizes, whether they’re designed for residential or commercial use. Here at Grit Ninja, we provide timely and efficient drain and sewer jetting for customers in and around the Basildon area.

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High-pressure jetting is the fastest, most economical and environmentally friendly way to keep your drains clear, clean and problem-free. It can be used for:

  • Debris removal – Our pressure jets soften and emulsify blockages, loosen hard debris and even break through tree roots. We also have commercial jet units that can pump water at 3000 psi – more than enough to remove any type of blockage.

  • Drain cleaning – The combination of water pressure and volume delivers a clean that cannot be achieved by other means. It removes grease, sludge and limescale in pipes to restore them to a like-new condition.

  • Regular drain maintenance – The water pressure cuts deposits from the inner wall of the drain or pipe to increase the longevity of the walls and floor of your drain.

  • Gully cleaning – Blockages and debris can be removed from gullies to reduce the risk of leaks, odours and a backup of wastewater in your property.

  • Septic tank cleaning and maintenance – We use high-pressure jets to keep pipework, tanks and soak-aways clean and ensure your septic tank is in excellent working condition.

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