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If you need chewing gum removal services at a competitive rate, then Grit Ninja can offer you that solution.

Unfortunately chewing gum (or bubble gum as it’s alternatively known) has a nasty habit of sticking to pretty much any surface if not disposed of properly in a bin.

With around 20 million people in the UK chewing gum on a daily basis means that a high percentage of this discarded chewing gum will find its way onto external surfaces which often look unsightly due to the common colours of chewing gum.


Removing chewing gum stuck to a surface is not an easy task unless you have the professional equipment and methods to tackle this problem with as chewing gum can take around 5 years before biodegrading and shop bought products (such as gum remover) are usually a waste of people’s time and money.

Discarded chewing gum is not only unhygienic but is also an eyesore, especially when it is most commonly found in public places which can give a bad impression or businesses, towns and even residential areas.

Grit Ninja have the latest professional equipment and products to be able to remove chewing gum effectively even from well-trodden in gum which has been squashed into the ground or where there is a large amount of car traffic constantly embedding the chewing gum further.

Our gum removal service can remove old bubble gum from pretty much any surface making the area treated look much more appealing once again.

A school or college needing chewing gum removal often have budget restraints which they have to keep to whilst balancing the ongoing problem of pupils constantly dropping chewing gum on paths and car parks whilst trying to keep their education facilities with a clean appearance.

Transport systems such as train or bus station usually have a large build-up of chewing gum in need of removal due to the High flow of Passing pedestrians which means the gun will be trodden in much more rapidly making it harder for removal.

Chewing gum removal from towns by Council authorities is a great example of an ongoing battle against keeping the area looking nice by removing unsightly bubble gum.

The construction and renovation industry often require a gum removal service before many projects begin and so a professional service is required.

Gum removal from Retail Parks is often managed by the estate management department on a more regular basis as modern retail arts need to keep their clean image. The same goes for supermarkets in need of an effective solution to the disposal of chewing gum.

Restaurants and Fast Food outlets often suffer the worst with people disposing of their chewing gum before they enter the premises and the owners of the establishments need to keep a clear appearance.

Best of cleaning services have fully trained staff and use modern equipment along with eco-friendly products to quickly and efficiently remove chewing gum from surfaces at a cost effective price.

We can provide a free site visit along with a no obligation free quote to discuss your needs and offer any advice required.

So if you have some areas covered in chewing gum that you would like removed just contact us today and we will be happy to help!

Our Guarantee

Total client satisfaction is the core value of our Company. At every opportunity we seek to provide you with the highest levels of service and satisfaction. This is most true with our team of talented cleaners but extends equally to include our very friendly administration staff.

We guarantee to:

  • get to know our clients, recognise them as individuals and seek to anticipate their needs.

  • communicate regularly with clients and welcome their feedback.

  • have a team of experienced, service orientated staff and reward their efforts with recognition and appreciation.

Our Philosophy

The Grit Ninja philosophy is distinguished by the service you will receive. To support it we continually strive to demonstrate three key attributes:

  1. Quality

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  3. Expertise


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