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Drains Unblocked Now in Leatherhead

Grit Ninja

A system that is running irregularly or a drain covered with scale, fatty deposits or tree root ingress are tell-tale signs that you need to take action to prevent further degradation.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time or money trying to maintain your drains due to reoccurring issues, jetting can also act as a preventative measure, cleaning the interior pipework and maintaining or restoring water flow.

If you’re unsure about whether you need this service, feel free to give us a call for some honest advice about how best to resolve any drainage issues you’re experiencing.

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High-pressure jetting is the fastest, most economical and environmentally friendly way to keep your drains clear, clean and problem-free. It can be used for:

  • Debris removal – Our pressure jets soften and emulsify blockages, loosen hard debris and even break through tree roots. We also have commercial jet units that can pump water at 3000 psi – more than enough to remove any type of blockage.

  • Drain cleaning – The combination of water pressure and volume delivers a clean that cannot be achieved by other means. It removes grease, sludge and limescale in pipes to restore them to a like-new condition.

  • Regular drain maintenance – The water pressure cuts deposits from the inner wall of the drain or pipe to increase the longevity of the walls and floor of your drain.

  • Gully cleaning – Blockages and debris can be removed from gullies to reduce the risk of leaks, odours and a backup of wastewater in your property.

  • Septic tank cleaning and maintenance – We use high-pressure jets to keep pipework, tanks and soak-aways clean and ensure your septic tank is in excellent working condition.

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