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Graffiti Removal

Grit Ninja

Grit Ninja have great expertise in graffiti cleaning, with many projects completed. You do not need us to tell you that graffiti can really blight exterior walls and surfaces, and damage the perception of any property affected.


Graffiti can also be extremely difficult to remove, and sometimes repainting a property is just not an option, due to time, expense, or the graffiti being on an unpainted surface (like brickwork).


High pressure washing can remove graffiti in some instances, but the pressures needed to aggressively blast away spray paints are quite considerable. The amount of water and energy used when cleaning graffiti by pressure washing is also notable.


All of which means the chances of damaging masonry, glass, and nearby vegetation during pressure washing are high. High pressure washing is more expensive than soft-washing too, and they’re not recommended for any form of masonry.


Sometimes it will be quicker and easier to simply paint over the graffiti- and we are happy to do that for you too.

Grit Ninja uses science, rather than brute force, to remove graffiti. We select an appropriate, safe chemical agent which will dissolve the graffiti so that it can be simply and harmlessly rinsed away. The process will not damage the wall or the environment that surrounds it.

When coming to remove graffiti, we’ll arrive at a time that suits you, and complies with health and safety. Often that is as soon as possible, but sometimes our clients want us to arrive early in the morning or late in the evening, or even in the small hours of the morning, so as to not cause a disturbance to them or affect trade and productivity.


Softwashing is a low pressure and low energy solution, so the noise and interruption our our graffiti cleaning service is minimal. We always inspect any surface affected before we clean, so if the vandalism has caused any other damage, we’ll make sure we only clean surfaces that can withstand it without creating additional damage.

During our process of removing graffiti we apply a graffiti dissolving chemical to the surface. After letting it dwell and develop its paint removing properties we then use our low pressure technology, through  series of low pressure tanks housing pure water, to rinse the graffiti away.


Usually a second treatment is not needed, but we are on hand and can easily return if required.

At Grit Ninja we keep the inconvenience and costs of graffiti removal to an absolute minimum.

Our Guarantee

Total client satisfaction is the core value of our Company. At every opportunity we seek to provide you with the highest levels of service and satisfaction. This is most true with our team of talented cleaners but extends equally to include our very friendly administration staff.

We guarantee to:

  • get to know our clients, recognise them as individuals and seek to anticipate their needs.

  • communicate regularly with clients and welcome their feedback.

  • have a team of experienced, service orientated staff and reward their efforts with recognition and appreciation.

Our Philosophy

The Grit Ninja philosophy is distinguished by the service you will receive. To support it we continually strive to demonstrate three key attributes:

  1. Quality

  2. Reliability

  3. Expertise